Search Just Got Smarter: New Ways to Reach Students with College Board Search

On September 26, College Board launched a Search subscription model enhanced with new features to help our members reach their enrollment goals faster. College Board Search helps institutions meaningfully connect with more—and more diverse—high school students than any other source. And with these changes, our members can leverage the unmatched scale of Search with the flexibility to choose features that match their goals and budget.

The new College Board Search subscription plans include tools our customers have been asking for, like Parent Contacts, Living Record, and new ways to connect with students who've demonstrated interest in similar institutions. 

In addition to this new subscription offering, College Board has designed a new, easy-to-use Search experience. This redesigned interface enables our customers to work in Search more efficiently—performing tasks like building searches, copying searches, and downloading files with fewer clicks and less scrolling.

We are all doing more with less—less funding, fewer people, fewer resources—but new features and [functionality] in Search can help us be more efficient, more effective, and connect more high school students to post-secondary options.

Beta participant at a large four-year public research university