Financial Aid

PowerFAIDS Student Portal Launches in 2024

Ensuring students can take the next right step in their education drives the work of all higher education professionals, and unlocking access to financial aid is central to making that next step a reality for many students and families.

With historic changes in the financial aid landscape this year, including a simplified FAFSA® application and process, families and students are relying more than ever on clear, easy-to-understand information on college costs. For institutions, simple-to-use tools help deliver on the need for more financial aid transparency. Schools are focused on how they can leverage technology optimized to keep financial aid clear, accurate, and comprehensible for families.

To meet this need, College Board is launching  a mobile-first financial aid platform where students can easily access all their aid information, all in one place. PowerFAIDS™ Student Portal is just one tool available in PowerFAIDS, College Board’s financial aid management system, trusted by hundreds of institutions for over 20 years. 

PowerFAIDS Student Portal was built with its namesake, students, in mind. From any device, students can review financial aid requirements and outstanding items needed to complete their application. Once a student uploads a required document through the portal it’s available in real time on the student’s record in PowerFAIDS for a financial aid administrator to review.

Also within the portal, students can easily review their financial aid offer, accept or decline financial aid awards, and reduce awards like loan amounts. Students’ changes are updated directly in PowerFAIDS in real time, making it easier than ever for financial aid offices to track student progress. This ensures institutions can keep students moving through the financial aid stage of the enrollment journey—a crucial step on all campuses to meet key enrollment targets.

PowerFAIDS Student Portal delivers intuitive, flexible setup for schools and allows institutions to streamline the financial process for students, families, and their own aid offices, all for a low annual fee and hosted on the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). College Board’s Financial Aid Programs and Services team partners with hundreds of schools to provide financial aid solutions, including net price calculators, financial management, and more. To learn more about PowerFAIDS Student Portal, visit