College Board Forum 2022

The Digital SAT Demo: Exploring Test Day Toolkit

Digital SAT Demo, College Board Forum 2022, Orlando, FL

Throughout Forum 2022, attendees had an opportunity to visit the interactive digital SAT demo station for a hands-on test drive of Bluebook, College Board’s new digital testing application.

On the second day of the conference, Kristen McArtor, product owner of assessment delivery operations at College Board, demonstrated Test Day Toolkit, the proctor application that integrates with Bluebook.

Test Day Toolkit guides proctors through every step. While it may sound like a lot, the toolkit is designed to give just the right amount of information at just the right time.

Test Day Toolkit Screen at the Digital SAT Demo, College Board Forum 2022, Orlando, FL

Before the Test

First, the app gives step-by-step instructions for proctors to get their rooms ready, including checking spacing and access to electricity, distributing scratch paper, setting up a check-in station, and writing instructions for test takers—including Wi-Fi and password—on the board.

Once setup is complete, proctors are ready to start checking in students. Proctors will find their students’ information in Test Day Toolkit and validate all details match the student’s ID and admission ticket.

After checking in all the students, the proctor reads the script directly from the toolkit (no more paper scripts!), collects prohibited devices, and ensures that only allowed items are on each student’s desk.

The proctor then reads the start code, writes it on the board, and wishes the students “good luck!”

During the Test

The proctor will use the Monitoring Dashboard throughout the testing time. This page shows the status and progress for each student. If a student has exited Bluebook, the proctor will be alerted that the student “needs attention.”

After the Test

As students finish, they will collect their belongings and be dismissed. Proctors will be able to report irregularities at any time before, during, and after the test. For example, if a technology issue occurs, the proctor can filter for the type of issue and fill out a form for the coordinator to submit to College Board.