College Board Net Price Calculator Adds Support for the 2023-24 Academic Year

College Board has released updated Net Price Calculator (NPC) need-analysis computations for the 2023-24 academic year. A robust NPC solution ensures prospective students receive the most accurate estimate of college affordability and ensures institutions remain compliant with federal requirements.

College Board’s Net Price Calculator is a cloud-based, customizable service featuring a mobile-first design, with an option that allows students to save and share their results with institutions, counselors, or family. And NPC is built with access in mind—if a student has saved results using our calculator with another institution, they can carry inputs over to colleges, making the NPC quicker and easier to complete each time.

For campuses, the Net Price Calculator can be tailored with college branding and customized questions to reflect institutional financial aid policies. College Board’s NPC settings also align well with other software providers, allowing schools to get consistent results across products and services.

There’s no software to install. Setup is a breeze, and there’s no long-term contract. Institutions can update in real-time, enabling you to respond quickly to institutional, state, and federal changes. A personalized and clear NPC helps institutions facilitate meaningful connections with potential students and their families.

Net Price Calculator assists students and institutions year after year with the most up-to-date attendance estimates for higher education. College Board’s Financial Aid Products and Services team partners with hundreds of schools to provide financial aid services and enrollment solutions, including net price calculators, aid applications, and other cloud-based financial aid solutions like PowerFAIDS™ Cloud. To learn more about these services, contact our team at [email protected].