College Board & Khan Academy Mark 10 Million Milestone of Free Official SAT® Practice

Official SAT Practice sign-ups have grown each year and now total more than 10 million worldwide

In 2015, College Board and Khan Academy partnered to make world-class SAT practice resources free for all students for the first time ever. Together, we created Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy – a personalized online program that helps students practice for the SAT with thousands of sample questions, instant feedback, video lessons, and full-length practice tests.

As word has spread about our free resource, Official SAT Practice sign-ups have grown each year and now total more than 10 million worldwide.

SAT Practice Sign Up Chart

Thousands of students have shared their stories about Official SAT Practice and the ways the program helped them improve their SAT scores. Here are just a few of those stories:

“All I had before was a dictionary and books I could take from the library. When my teachers introduced me to Khan Academy, I was so happy that it was free.”

Matthew B., Class of 2017, Texas, 200-point score increase

“I liked the personalized study plan. […] The work is not at all tedious or boring; it’s engaging. I would tell other students, who can’t seem to focus on studying, to try Khan Academy.”

Monica B., Class of 2018, Maryland, 150-point score increase

“I liked how there was the ability to see if you got a question wrong instantly, as well as receive feedback on why you chose a wrong answer.”

Robert Z., Class of 2020, Ohio, 80-point score increase

Overall, Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy is the top choice of students preparing for the SAT. In a 2019 survey of more than 65,000 SAT test takers, nearly four times as many students said they practiced with Official SAT Practice than paid for commercial test prep. 

“Official SAT Practice has achieved remarkable reach since its launch five years ago,” said College Board CEO David Coleman. “The fact that 10 million students have accessed high quality SAT practice resources without paying a dollar is exactly why we partnered with Khan Academy. Every student deserves the opportunity to practice for and succeed on the SAT, no matter what their family’s income level.”

College Board and Khan Academy are committed to supporting teachers across the country to help their students make the most of Official SAT Practice free resources.

"What’s really exciting is the level of usage we’ve seen in classrooms,” said Khan Academy founder Sal Khan. “Official SAT Practice was designed to be powerful for individual students preparing on their own, but this can be supercharged when it’s leveraged in a classroom setting where students get support from peers and teachers.” 

Khan noted teachers are the heart of the classroom and know what’s best for their students. “They know how to help students on the path to college,” he said. “We’re grateful for everything teachers do every day to help students achieve their dreams.”

The College Board will celebrate the 10 million sign-up milestone during SAT Practice Kickoff Week January 27-31, 2020 with a campaign to encourage high school students to join the movement and create their own Official SAT Practice accounts. Students can learn more and sign up at


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