What to do if you are registered to take the March 14 SAT

College Board Coronavirus Update

The College Board is monitoring the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of all we serve is our top priority.

We are following public health officials and local education leaders who make decisions about whether or not to close your test center. Nobody is better prepared than they are to make decisions about test administrations in their areas.

The College Board and our members will be flexible, thoughtful, and collaborative in exploring ways to continue to support student learning and provide opportunities to test.

Q: How can I tell if my test center is open this weekend?

A: Check the test center closure page frequently to see if your test center is open. 

  • The College Board is following decisions from local test centers as they close schools or request not to test.
  • If your test center closes, you should receive a direct email notification that your SAT administration has been canceled.
  • Some test centers may close on short notice, right up until test time. In that instance, you may not receive direct notification.
  • Please check the test center closure page up to the morning of test day, along with the test center’s website and local media to make sure your center is open.
    • Note: if the test center has confirmed a cancellation but you don’t see it on the test closure webpage, you should go with what the test center is saying.

Q: What should I do if my test is canceled?

A: You will receive a refund of all registration fees, and you can register for a future test date.

  • If your test center is closed, we’ll work with local educators to schedule a makeup exam in March. If that’s not possible, you will receive a refund and you can register for a future test date.
  • The next SAT administrations are planned for May 2 and June 6.