With BigFuture, Everybody Can Start Somewhere

Everybody starts somewhere, and for 15 million high school students, this is the start of a new school year. Some of those students already know where they want to go after high school, some have no idea yet, and others are exploring their options. 

Despite where they are on their journey, all students benefit from the opportunity to explore, discover, and plan for their future—whatever that path may be. 

That’s why for more than a decade, BigFuture has been a free resource for students, our members, and other caring adults. Over the years, we’ve evolved in small and meaningful ways, and we’ve continued to learn from and grow with our users. 

Today, guided by those learnings, we introduce you to a new BigFuture

Our aim to empower students to take the right first step after high school remains unchanged. But we’ve doubled down on our commitment to offer a planning experience that serves all students—one that is personalized, authentic, and trustworthy.

Because when more students can see themselves in BigFuture, we help make college and career planning relevant and actionable.

Our new web experience captures that commitment. With a new look, improved navigation, and a more personalized experience, BigFuture understands what millions of our student users are looking for. 

  • Students can explore careers. We know students want to do something that makes a difference and offers economic stability. But how can they aspire to careers they don’t even know exist? With BigFuture, over 1 million students have explored the more than 1,000 career paths based on their values, interests, and skills to find the best fit for them. 
  • Students can plan for college. We know students have a lot to consider when looking at colleges, like majors, length of program, or career interests. With BigFuture, students can find over 6,000 colleges and programs with information on tuition, admission requirements, campus life, and more. And our new grade-level checklists, accessed by more than 100,000 students in three months, help them keep track of key planning milestones.
  • Students can pay for college. We know that families have a real concern about how to afford college. With BigFuture, students can discover 23,000 scholarships totaling $4 billion and other aid to pay for college. Our monthly BigFuture Scholarships of $40,000 and $500 awarded to more than 20,000 students rewards them for actions taken.

We’re here to help students find new resources, explore the trusted ones they know well, and help our members support the students they serve as they navigate these new opportunities.

So as a new school year starts, we know there is a lot for students and families to take in. Things can feel uncertain. Owning their future doesn’t have to. 

This is just the beginning. Let’s begin exploring. Your Future, Your Way.