AP Spanish Language and Culture: 2021 Exam Results

The following data reflect all 148,040 students worldwide who took the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam this year on any exam date prior to June 12.

Total group score distributions, 2021 vs. 2019

The following table enables comparisons of student performance in 2021 to student performance prior to the covid-19 pandemic:

AP Score 2019 2021
5 25% 17%
4 34% 30%
3 29% 33%
2 10% 17%
1 2% 3%

Of these 148,040 students, 77 achieved a perfect score of all 130 of 130 points possible on this year’s exam.

The May 11 Exam Questions

The largest exam date for AP Spanish Language was May 11, so the following information is specific to the exam version administered on that date, and does not include heritage speakers’ exam data:

Multiple-choice section: AP Spanish students did exceptionally well on the questions about beauty and aesthetics, with more than 10% of the students earning every point possible. The most challenging multiple-choice topics were personal/public identities and contemporary life, but even on these topics, student performance was generally quite strong.

Free-response section:Students generally did incredibly well on the conversation on the theme of la vida contemporánea: almost 25% of students earned all 5 points possible. But performance was also strong throughout the free-response section overall.