Accelerating College Degrees With CLEP

The CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) is a standardized test that allows you to earn college credit upon completion with a passing score. The CLEP allows students to save time and money and is accepted by over 2900 colleges and universities. Exams can be taken whenever a student is ready to test.

CLEP Remote Proctoring now available

The CLEP has traditionally been taken in physical CLEP test centers. To reach a greater number of students, CLEP exams can now be taken remotely. All students need is a Windows-based computer, private room, and internet connection.

Students save money

Students can save money by taking the CLEP. The cost of the exam is $89 and, on average, covers 3 college credits. There are even ways to waive the cost of the CLEP, for example, by registering for Modern States Course. CLEP offers 34 exams that can be taken to receive college credit. Each university and college have their own policy on the maximum number of credits a student can earn through CLEP.

Students save time

Receiving college credit through CLEP allows students to earn graduation requirements and free up time in their schedule. They can utilize this time to focus on extra curriculars or to improve their work/life balance. The best part is students receive their results as soon as they submit their exam.

CLEP for heritage speakers

CLEP allows students to demonstrate college-level competency of languages as well. The exam is offered in German, French and Spanish. Students can gain up to 12 credits from these exams.

CLEP gives credit for AP and non-AP subjects

CLEP gives students a second opportunity if they do not receive credits because of their scores from AP exams. CLEP can also be taken to receive college credit for subjects in which there are no AP exams, such as College Algebra.

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